Jan DIWATA - Conscious Coach

Me after Kuningan ceremony in Bali, November 2017.


My Spirit name is Diwata.

Diwata in Baybayin

Diwata in Baybayin

In the Filipino language, Diwata means fairy or enchantress. But in precolonial times, it referred to both male and female deities. It is rooted in the Sanskrit word Devata, which means gods.

I use the tools of Inner Guidance, Yoga, energy healing, art, and mindfulness to invite you on a journey of Transformation to reconnect with the Divine and reclaim your Authentic Self.

As a yoga teacher and former filipina martial artist, I have taught classes and workshops in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Canada.

Under the name, Jan Dizon, my writings on yoga and health have been featured in online publications such as Soulscape, World Yoga News, and Tech Times.

My advocacies include compassion and freedom for all beings, Conscious Evolution towards awakening the Divine, and holistic health and healing.


I offer Conscious Coaching services online or in Jakarta (see my Calendar for current city) through Inner Guidance, Yoga, Art, and Intuitive Ancestor Wisdom.

Also available to travel across Canada and the Asia-Pacific region.

The best way to contact me is via email.