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What Muslim Prayer Teaches Me About Practicing Yoga

When Mohamed and I became an official boyfriend-girlfriend couple, it briefly crossed my mind that we might encounter challenges because of our religious and cultural differences. My view on spirituality and the Divine nature of humanity is vastly different now from the religion I was brought up in, but I was born in Canada and raised in the Philippines as a Roman Catholic. Meanwhile, he is from the south of Lebanon and is a practicing Shia Muslim.


When Mama Gaia Awakes – Mt. Agung, Bali Red Zone

Bali is a very special and magical place for me. It was here that I met Amara Samata and studied at her Inner Guidance Institute which changed the trajectory of my life path forever.

I like to refer to this land by her traditional name, Pulau Dewata — Island of the Gods. And you can see how the Balinese are still so richly immersed in ceremony and tribute to the gods and how that energy stirs the island.


The Truth is… A Meditation to Connect with your Inner Voice of Ultimate Compassion

Powerful messages are all around you, and often you have don’t even have to look any further than within yourself. But modern life has conditioned us to tune out our own Voice of Truth and Ultimate Compassion.

This meditation is based on several other meditation techniques I’ve learned and practiced. I found it to be a powerful tool in helping to listen and get back in touch with your Authentic Self.


A First Nations Tribute: Innerdance and Yoga Reflection for Canada 150

It’s Canada Day! Although it has been a long personal journey for me to become a Filipina proud of my roots and heritage, I also honour and thank the original keepers of this land where I first drew breath – the First Nations of Canada.

Canada still has a lot of healing to do. It is still very much a land stolen by colonizers and settlers. I celebrate the multiculturalism, the freedom I enjoy as a Canadian citizen, and the privileges I am blessed to have.

But I also do not turn a blind eye towards history and the injustice that our First Nations still live with today.

I wrote this blog as I pondered on how I can commemorate #Canada150 while still acknowledging that many see it as 150 years of stolen land and broken treaties.. This is my reflection as the country celebrated Canada 150 and how I may pay tribute to the First Nations of this land whom we should be honouring.


On God, Hate, and Togetherness

I have not been a very religious person for the past few years and even though I like to incorporate stories and spiritual philosophy in my class when i teach yoga, I have generally veered away from anything religion related.

That being said, I still believe in God. And these days, I find myself thinking more about what that belief means to me.

I’m not sure why I was struck by this particular passage in Carl Jung’s book, The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga. This passage provided some interesting food for thought. Not necessarily because it is about God, but for its insight on our relationship with hatred.

I was once asked a philosophical question by a Hindu: “Does a man who loves God need more or fewer incarnations to reach his final salvation than a man who hates God?” Now, what would you answer? I gave it up naturally. And he said: “A man who loves God will need seven incarnations to become perfect, and a man who hates God only three, because he certainly will think of him and cling to him very much more than the man who loves God.


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The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga

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Conversation with a Zionist

This post is not about yoga, meditation, or healing and transformation. It is part of a continuing “Filipina for Palestine” series from my personal blog that I am carrying over to this website.

Yesterday, May 11, was World Keffiyeh Day, so I decided to reiterate my support for Palestians all over the world by writing this post.

A few months ago my boyfriend (Mohamed) and I were on the island of Gili Meno in Indonesia where we had dinner with a scuba dive master from Argentina with whom we went in the water with just that morning. He said he grew up Jewish but does not belive in a single religion anymore. Nevertheless, for some reason, he decided to open up a certain topic this way:

“I’m not saying that what Israel is doing isn’t horrible, because it is. But when you think about it, Palestinians deserve it.”


Meditation To Regard Others with Love Even When They Oppose Us

It is one thing to say Namaste, and a whole nother thing to practice it. Although the literal translation of this Sanskrit greeting is simply, “I bow to you,” many believe that this single word also packs on other meanings like, “the light in me honours the light in you;” “I see the divine in you and the divine in me;” “I bow to the light in you…” etc.


How To Draw Your Own Mindful Mandala

Mandalas are popular symbols that adorn yoga studios, and many mandala motifs are available in mindful colouring books. Although I loved colouring books as a child, I found that colouring as an adult did not bring me the benefits of calmness and return to childhood that many describe it to be.