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Group innerdance process at The Dance Annex in Downtown Toronto!

Innerdance is not “dance” as we literally think of. It is an inward process that expands one’s sense of consciousness. It is sound and energy healing, meditation, and yoga for the soul that uses the outer stimuli of music, intuitive touch, and guided inquiry, to access the inner keys to awareness, trust, and letting go.

It is a process that was rediscovered by Pi Villaraza which has roots in the ancient babaylan (female shaman) practices of the Philippines. Jan trained under Amara Samata in Pulau Devata (aka Bali) as an Inner Guidance/inner dance facilitator.

July 30, August 6, August 13, and August 20

The Dance Annex – 527 Bloor Street West


1 Session: $30

Door Price: $35
Cash and Credit Cards accepted at the door.

(Taxes are calculated at check-out/upon payment.)

What happens at an innerdance session?

Everyone’s experience of innerdance is different. It begins with lying down on a mat and using the breath as a bridge. Some may remain still while others may allow the energy of the process to move them into deeper and deeper journeys.

I will use my training to intuitively guide you through the innerdance process. This may include some or all of the following: music arranged for specific brainwaves, live multi-cultural healing instruments, crystals, reiki and quantum touch, hilot and thai massage techniques, incense and sage, NLP and EFT languaging, and other healing modalities.

I invite you to come with an open mind and heart and to embody a sense of allowing for anything to happen. The journey is completely your own.

What to bring and how to prepare

You may bring your own yoga mats or rent one from The Dance Annex for $2 (cash only). Pillows will be provided and you may also bring your own cushion for your head.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can lie down and move in. I recommend to wear shorts or yoga pants under skirts if possible.

Please do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs before the process. Preferably, do your own a self-cleanse at least three days before the group session.

About the Inner Guidance/innerdance Facilitator

Jan is a yoga teacher from the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya (via TKV Desikachar – Mark Whitwell – Emma Warmington) and Ana Forrest. She has also studied Philippine Hilot, Quantum Touch, and Reiki. She infuses innerdance with her unique intuitive approach and knowledge in various healing modalities.

Some Videos of Innerdance

Pi Villaraza – innerdance energy school (ides), 2013


Amara Samata – Inner Guidance Institute, 2014