In-Person Offerings:

Inner Guidance (One-on-One and Group Process)

Inner Guidance is the most effective process of accelerated Self-Illumination that I have ever encountered. All you have to do is lie down and close your eyes, listen to some music, perhaps feel some physical or energetic touch, and maybe answer some questions. Each person and each session is different, all that is asked is to allow the process to reveal what must be revealed.

I am a Level 2 IGI Facilitator, trained under Amara Samata, founder of the Inner Guidance Institute.


Go back to the Heart and Spirit of Yoga which is Union of the Self with the Divine. Using breath as a bridge, this my asana classes are suitable for all “skill levels” who want to go deeper into their yoga and meditation practice. Private and group classes can be booked in 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions.

I practice and teach yoga from the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya via TKV Desikachar > Mark Whitwell > Emma Warmington (Jivani Yoga).

I am also a Forrest Yoga-inspired Teacher, trained directly under Ana T. Forrest and medicine man, Jose Calarco; and Level 1 Acroyoga Montreal Certified.

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Hilot Hilom

Combining the traditional healing art of Hilot from the Philippines with energetic healing work and Inner Guidance, this 60-90 minute session aims to physically scan and manipulate blockages in the body that cause imbalance.

I was trained in Hilot by Yanni Frivaldo, Spa director of Chi Spa Shangri-la Resorts, and Boy Fajardo, modern day albularyo (“witch doctor”) and ATHAG Founder.

Customized Workshops and Retreats

My favourite part about working with people is to create programs perfectly suited to where they are in life at that current stage. Whether you want to go deeper into your Self with private work or offer an afternoon or weekend activity with friends or teammates at work, I have in my tool kit Communication activities, Mindfulness exercises, Art and Journaling prompts, and other processes that will enrich and prepare your system for Transformation.

Online Offerings:

Conscious Coaching

I offer online Conscious Coaching packages for those who want to go deeper into their journeys after attending one of my classes, and those who are unable to attend my in-person offerings.

Life Coaching is a support system to gain clarity about what you don’t like about certain aspects of your life and what you can do about it. With the help of a Life Coach, you can keep moving in a positive direction with the help of external perspective.

I define myself as a Conscious Coach because I believe that the answers you seek towards Spiritual Transformation and Healing have always been inside you. But due to what I call BS, they may be hard to see, or ego gets in the way and steers you in a more challenging path.

What is BS?

Back Stories and excuses, Belief Systems about your personality, Backlogged Stuff of everything you want to do and be but never seem to get around to… it’s all BS!

I want to help you sort through that BS and gain tools to remove all those limiting perspectives on life so you can step out as nothing less than your True Authentic Self.

Ancestor Wisdom: Baybayin Mandala Oracle Card Reading

I designed the Baybayin Mandala Oracle to reflect upon various Ancestral Wisdoms from the Philippines that survived colonization and modernization. By reading them like Runes or Tarot cards, I gain intuitive insight into Truths that are bubbling at the surface, waiting to be addressed.

Please be patient as my website is a work in progress. The quickest way to get more information about any of my in-person and online offerings is to email me.

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