Go deeper into your journey.

I offer online Conscious Life Coaching packages for those who want to go deeper into their journeys after attending one of my classes, and those who are unable to attend my in-person offerings.

Life Coaching is a support system to gain clarity about what you don’t like about certain aspects of your life and what you can do about it. With the help of a Life Coach, you can keep moving in a positive direction with the help of external perspective.

I define myself as a Conscious Life Coach because I believe that the answers you seek towards Spiritual Transformation and Healing have always been inside you. But due to what I call BS, they may be hard to see, or ego gets in the way and steers you in a more challenging path.


Back Stories and excuses, outdated Belief Systems about your personality and identity, Backlogged Stuff of everything you want to do and be but never seem to get around to – it’s all BS!

I offer tools to help sort through that BS and transform those limiting perspectives on life so you can step out as nothing less than your True Authentic Self.

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