Powerful messages are all around you, and often you have don’t even have to look any further than within yourself. But modern life has conditioned us to tune out our own Voice of Truth and Ultimate Compassion.

This meditation is based on several other meditation techniques I’ve learned and practiced. I found it to be a powerful tool in helping to listen and get back in touch with your Authentic Self.

Caution, this meditation can potentially bring out some deep seeded traumas. I only recommend this meditation to those who have already been doing spiritual work and self-care. I has been a valuable tool to help clients who begin to experience the “Dark Night of the Soul” after an innerdance process. Although I’m offering this meditation for anyone to practice on their own, please do so with a proper spiritual, emotional, and psychological support system in place.

The Meditation

Materials/Tools needed:

  • Sound Recorder
  • Timer
  • Mirror (optional)
  • Journal (digital or handwritten)

This meditation may be done seated on a cushion on the floor or on a chair. The most important part is to be in a place where you can have privacy and be undisturbed for the length of time you set your timer.

Set your timer to gently signal the end of each part of the meditation after 3 minutes. You may go on longer, if you wish.

Close your eyes and begin the connection with your breath. At least three deep and slow inhales and exhales to center and ground yourself.

If you choose to do this meditation with a mirror, prop it up or hold it in front of you in such a way that you can look into your own eyes comfortably. (This is not a starting exercise, you may blink naturally as needed.) If you don’t want to use a mirror, you can still do these next steps without one.

Inhale, allow yourself a neutral expression.

Exhale, release all sense of judgment; and start your timer for the first 3 minutes.

Continue to eye-gaze with yourself until your timer signals the end of 3 minutes.

Inhale, connect to the Voice of Ultimate Compassion that lives inside of you.

Exhale, ask out loud: “May I speak to the Voice of Ultimate Compassion that lives in (your name)?

Inhale, keep looking into your own eyes and your breath to connect deep within.

Exhale, answer (when ready): “Yes, this is the Voice of Ultimate Compassion that lives in (your name).

Start your timer for another 3 minutes, and this time, turn on your sound recorder as well.

Over the next breaths, until your timer signals the end of the meditation, finish the following sentence:

“The truth is…”

Keep speaking and do not stop if possible. You don’t even have to say anything profound to begin with. Your first few statements may be things like, “The truth is, I had fruits for breakfast,” or “The truth is this meditation makes me nervous.”

Whatever comes out, simply allow. Let go of judgment of what comes out during this process.

If you find yourself coming to a blank, take a deep breath and repeat the start of the sentence: “The truth is…”

When your timer signals the end of the meditation, bring your awareness back to your breath and allow any final thoughts to dissipate away. Out loud, give thanks to the Voice of Ultimate Compassion that lives inside of you. This can be done with a verbal thank you, Namaste, a chant of OM, or any other verbal word or phrase that is authentic to you.

Acknowledge, honour, and give thanks to your inner self for the messages that were revealed.

Turn off your recorder and allow yourself a few more minutes to journal. Focus on how the meditation made you feel and any strong truths that were said, if any. Do not listen to the recording yet.

Allow yourself at least 3 days to a week (or even a month) before sitting down again and listening to the recording you made. Again, let go of any judgments that may arise about how your voice sounds or individual things that may have been said.

Notice if any truths stuck with you, were forgotten, or have changed you since the initial meditation. Compare how listening to the meditation feels.

Write your observations and/or revelations in your journal.

Repeat the meditation after listening to your previous recording if desired.

I hope this meditation exercise can help you reconnect, reacquaint, and help you foster a stronger connection with your Voice of Ultimate Compassion.