Bali is a very special and magical place for me. It was here that I met Amara Samata and studied at her Inner Guidance Institute which changed the trajectory of my life path forever.

I like to refer to this land by her traditional name, Pulau Dewata — Island of the Gods. And you can see how the Balinese are still so richly immersed in ceremony and tribute to the gods and how that energy stirs the island.

The world is now looking at this island paradise because the earth is rumbling. Mt. Agung, to the north of Bali has been spewing for the past few months and just this week, she is erupting with more and more clouds of ash. The residents in the areas surrounding her have been evacuated into emergency shelters and the entire island is pitching in to help their community as Mama Gaia makes herself heard.

With Bali being so dear to my heart, even though I am safe in Jakarta, I feel compelled to reach out to my family and community in Bali by offering what I can to help.

With the generous support of the Jakarta Yoga Collective, I will be offering space for Inner Guidance group process on December 8 in Kemang. All proceeds from this session will go to an organization in Bali working hard to help those affected by Gunung Agung.

Inner Guidance - Jakarta Yoga Collective

Details about the class and various trusted groups and organizations you may donate to are listed on my Fundraising for Mt. Agung Evacuees page.

The main organization I have partnered with is Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA). In times of environmental crisis such as this, it is a sad fact that our animal family may often be neglected. Countless pets and animals have been left behind in the red zone by fleeing families who were unable to or not allowed to bring their four-legged family members to the emergency shelters.

BAWA is working tirelessly to provide shelter and care for these animals and need help funding their staff, buying food and water, beddings, medication, crates, and other needs for these pets.

For more information on BAWA and how they are helping stray dogs and the Heritage Bali Dogs in Pulau Dewata, please head over to their website and Facebook Page.

Special thanks to Kendra Charts for suggesting this generous and tireless organization and to Diane for helping me to arrange this fundraising class with the Jakarta Yoga Collective.

Mt. Agung (used with permission), Emilio Kuzma-Floyd, Eyes of a Nomad